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 * i'm such a dumbass. i set a goal to go to bed by 12 and i… - she treads water in her pink pajamas.
 * i'm such a dumbass. i set a goal to go to bed by 12 and i still haven't. i have no willpower.

* my computer keeps getting super super slow and freezes a lot and i get DELAYED WRITE FAILURE notices. anyone have experience? i haven't found one solution and i'm worried for my computer.

* i know something big is wrong because my laptop has been unplugged for a good hour and the battery icon has YET to come alive. not good.
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yumytaffy From: yumytaffy Date: May 1st, 2008 06:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
When it comes to computer issues, Google is your friend. That's what I always end up using when my computer decides to give me some error I've never seen before (and trust me, it happens a lot). *shrugs* If anything, call in a professional. Geek Squad doesn't charge too much, methinks.

Good luck! *hug*!

P.S. Bed by 12? Pshaw. When's the last time that was a realistic goal? ;)
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