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first off, happy bday sherlockelly! second off, i am sure i… - she treads water in her pink pajamas.
first off, happy bday sherlockelly!

second off, i am sure i have someone watching over me. because i work at my dad's office, it is easier to know my coworkers (even though i hadn't met any before his death) but i have no reason to be as outgoing as i have been. i do things and i say things i never would - i feel comfortable with everyone, only a month into working. i do things i never would, i make jokes and enjoy talking with others i never knew and wouldn't really know and i'm proud. i feel this is my dad nudging me along. now it could easily be me THINKING that and doing so, like someone acting drunk thinking they are but have actually drank cola all night. but i don't care.

i said in my facebook note "we're lost without you, pops, but you inspire us to get up everyday and give it our all" and i truly mean that. every morning i wake up at 5:50 and don't complain (i even chose to work that early) and walk out the door thinking of him. he is my inspiration and he is my strength.

third off, i love what not to wear. :D

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